Find out how we can help you with your innovation....

Feasibility Assessments

Is your innovation unique or novel? Let us help you find out.

The Embracing Life™ Global team can provide a view of whether an innovation is worthy of progressing further and can withstand the test, and full expense, of pursuing a Patent and/or Trademark application.

Our Team will review your innovation and determine the necessary steps required to commence the Patent journey and whether there is merit in progressing with a feasibility study prior to proceeding to a full Patent application.

This process can save considerable time and expense ahead of securing Patent and Trademark protection.



Path to Market

We'll help you decide the best way to commercialise your product. 

Upon successful assessment of the innovation, the Embracing Life™ Global team will provide options for you to consider.

Embracing Life™ Global draws on its experience and various partnerships to put together a proposal for commercialising your product.

Securing IP

We can provide assistance with navigating your way through the Patent and Trademark maze.

Embracing Life™ Global has a well defined process and an experienced team that can provide assistance in navigating through the Patent and Trademark journey, or provide a view of ways this can be managed effectively.


Managed outcome

We work with you every step of the way and explore ways for you to achieve the best outcome for your idea or product.

The Embracing Life™ Global team can provide services to help guide you through the process of Patent, Trademark and commercialisation, without the hard earned effort in doing this yourself.

Embracing Life™  harness

Embracing Life™ Global has already brought innovation to life!

The Embracing Life™ Global team is busily working with inventors to bring life to novel and unique innovations.

See one of the recent additions to the innovation family:

Embracing Life™ harness! The new and revolutionary Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) feeding tube support.